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Mule Cargo

Mule Cargo

by Menagerie Type
Individual Styles from $20.00
Complete family of 4 fonts: $60.00
Mule Cargo Font Family was designed by Osvald Landmark and published by Menagerie Type. Mule Cargo contains 4 styles and family package options.

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About Mule Cargo Font Family

The Mule is a very special mix – it has a donkey father and horse mother, and they often inherit the best qualities of both. "The mule is an example of hybrid vigor, Charles Darwin wrote: The mule always appears to me a most surprising animal. That a hybrid should possess more reason, memory, obstinacy, social affection, powers of muscular endurance, and length of life, than either of its parents, seems to indicate that art has here outdone nature."

They are typically very strong for their size compared to horses and are able to cope with bad weather better than donkeys. Mules rarely become ill and their behavior is Intelligent and sensitive. In the right home, they can make great companions for other equines, and wonderful pets. However, if they are unhandled or not correctly trained, mules have the potential to be dangerous.

The inner shapes of Mule Cargo are almost identical between the Regular and the Heavy weight. This shared genom make them very powerful pair and a useful design tool for display purposes.

Designers: Osvald Landmark

Publisher: Menagerie Type

Foundry: Menagerie Type

Design Owner: Menagerie Type

MyFonts debut: Jan 8, 2024

Mule Cargo

About Menagerie Type

In the vibrant design landscape of New York City thrives a unique habitat known as Menagerie Type. Here, the visionary designers, much like the diverse creatures of the animal kingdom, sculpt fonts inspired by the untamed essence of wildlife. Witness the graceful dance of strokes and the rhythmic cadence of characters, mirroring the spirited movements found in nature. The Menagerie Type catalog is a rich ecosystem where fonts, like hybrid mules, inherit the strength and intelligence of their equestrian muses. Just as in the wild, each font possesses a distinct character, a tale spun with humor drawn from the quirks of the animal world. Join us in this typographic safari, where the art of design is not just a visual endeavor but a harmonious symphony of letters and creatures, flourishing in the heart of creative exploration. Welcome to Menagerie Type, where the wild spirit of typography roams free.All fonts are designed by Osvald Landmark.

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