Nicholas Garner
Nicholas Garner is a partner and designer at Aviation Partners (AVP), a design consultancy in London, England which he runs with his wife, Jacqueline. His first job as a lettering artist in the 1960s started a lifelong fascination with type design. "Rendering mock-ups and artwork by hand was great training. In fact, when Letraset came along, it took some of the fun away! It was the precision of my first Apple Mac which delighted me most and I used it for everything I could think of, even if it took longer." Nicholas has covered a lot of ground since his first job, and his graphic design work has ranged from book covers, newspapers and training manuals to corporate design and presentation work on screens both large and small. "Font creation was inevitable. Once I possessed the tools to go from the germ of an idea to a working font, I just couldn't help myself."

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