Plamen Motev
Plamen Motev is a young and promising type designer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has been fascinated by letterforms since he was a teenage graffiti artist, and his affinity for visual communication and typography has developed into a mission for making aesthetically pleasant and functional design. Plamen completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Sofia whilst working in the field of graphic design. He discovered an enthusiasm for clean typography, minimalistic geometric compositions and well-crafted typefaces when he saw the work of designers like Armin Hofmann and Josef Müller-Brockmann for the first time. He soon started to teach himself through reading books about typography and visiting blogs, websites and online forums. Shortly after that, he began to appreciate more and more the people who make the beautiful typefaces behind every design he admired - designers like Adrian Frutiger, Paul Renner and Hermann Zapf. Finding that letters are closely related to handwriting, Plamen started to write calligraphy, first learning the basics and then developing his own style. "Working as a type designer was something that I have always dreamed about,” he says, “and finding my place in a type foundry like Fontfabric was a huge step forward in my journey as a designer and type lover. Now I do my best to make top-quality typefaces. I teach at workshops and am constantly having fun."

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