Sofia Mohr
My work inspiration is usually related to my personal experiences. Being Brazilian and living in a different country (Chile), has always pushed me in trying to rescue aspects of my own culture, allowing me to feel closer to my origins. It might be the aroma of an expresso coffee, or the wildlife of the amazon rainforest, even more personal experiences of my childhood, that I try to re-interpret through font design. The first font I did was Café Brasil, specially done as part of my font design diploma at the Universidad Católica de Chile. This work was after selected as part of the 2014 Latin American typography biennial, receiving great feedback overall, motivating me to continue learning and consider font design as a full time profession.  Calligraphy has been an important part of my learning process, helping me incorporate a more personal touch to what I do. This method was specially important in fonts like Amazônia, my first brush pen font, which required a wild organic stroke.

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