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Symcaps Vario X2

Symcaps Vario X2

by Deniart Systems
Individual Styles from $27.59
Symcaps Vario X2 Font Family was designed by Denise Koehler and published by Deniart Systems. Symcaps Vario X2 contains 1 styles.

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About Symcaps Vario X2 Font Family

The Symcaps Vario X2 typeface is a monospaced design created to give optically symmetrical message forms.

Designers: Denise Koehler

Publisher: Deniart Systems

Foundry: Deniart Systems

Design Owner: Deniart Systems

MyFonts debut: Mar 23, 2016

Symcaps Vario X2

About Deniart Systems

For Deniart Systems, it all started with a passion and admiration for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, a writing system that mystified scholars for hundreds of years with its complexity and beauty. Denise Koehler, a font designer, was equally mesmerized by this ancient writing system and after significant research, developed and launched Deniart's first product, Egyptian Hieroglyphics Volume One in 1993. From there, Deniart continued to expand on the Hieroglyphics series but that was just the beginning an it adopted the company motto of "Fonts that Span the Ages". True to its motto, the library gradually grew to include fonts based on other ancient writing systems like those of the Aztecs & Mayans as well as other pictorial communication glyphs like modern zodiacs and alchemy symbols. Deniart's fonts are used by many academic and advertising institutions and have been used to annotate such publications as The Sacred Tradition of Ancient Egypt and The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt by Rosemary Clark.