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Focus on FF Dax

February 27, 2018 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

Hans Reichel was a fascinating character and a man of many talents, inventor of the Daxophone, he had a prolific career as a musician, instrument builder, graphic designer and type designer. Today we're showcasing his bestselling FontFont, FF Dax® .

Streamlined and condensed, FF Dax® was one of the first FontFonts to join the library and over the years has steadily become a bestseller. It combines the clarity and legibility of a narrow Futura® but adds a softer, more humanist touch. Part of the FF Dax superfamily, FF Dax has three widths and six weights from thin to black. Even over 20 years since its inception, it has a timeless quality.

Whilst FF Dax may be considered by some to be his magnum opus, Hans Reichel also created the unique and distinctly skinny FF Schmalhans and FF Sari which became a precursor for his design aesthetic and inspiration for FF Dax.

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