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Alternates to Gia

Noah Nazir
Last edited October 10, 2018
Smile, It confuses people

The Handel Gothic™ typeface has been a mainstay of graphic communication for over 40 years - all the while looking as current as tomorrow. Designed by Don Handel in the mid-1960s, and used in the 1973 United Airlines logo developed by Saul Bass, Handel Gothic was an instant success when released to the graphic design community. Its generous lowercase x-height, full-bodied counters and square... Read More

Dogs have owners, cats have staff

What became FF TradeMarker was conceived as a “remix” of the Serpentine Bold typeface. After incorporating the proto-design into countless record sleeves, flyers, and logos that he designed, the Berlin-based designer Critzla finished the family and named it FF TradeMarker. This is a typeface for building brand identities. The original Serpentine inspiration – without its vestigial serifs – can... Read More

No cross railing lest suddenness happens

When designers pick FF Cube for their work, they probably already have a pretty good idea of what to expect just from the name alone. FF Cube does not disappoint. This constructed sans has the industrial design look of a Eurostile or similar typeface, but its apertures are more open. A very large x-height helps give the family a compact appearance, too. In the lowercase, strokes hold on to a... Read More

Go ahead, make my day

FF Signa is a characteristically Danish design, rooted in architectural lettering rather than book typography. Originally created for signage—hence the name—FF Signa is now a typographic family with three widths. All weights include italics, small caps, and several styles of figures. Because of the quality of this “vernacular-lettering-turned-typeface” conversion, FF Signa received a Danish... Read More

Piglet rising and falling in front

Because of its linear nature and relative loose fit, FF Alega may be used in a variety of circumstances, producing headlines or even for setting text. When Rückel designed FF Alega, he did not consider adding a serif version. But following the typeface’s release, he experimented with the idea and decided that the effort was worthwhile. FF Alega Serif has a technical look, but is very readable.... Read More

Donald Handel, Nadine Chahine and Rod McDonald
ITC 2010
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Jan Maack
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Dmitry Kirsanov
Boris Dworschak
Die Gestalten 2006
Ole Berntsen Søndergaard
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Siegfried Rückel
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