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Ball Terminals

theresa dela cruz
Last edited November 20, 2015
Piglet rising and falling in front

The premise for FF Ernestine came from the search for a versatile monolinear text face whose design could transmit seemingly opposite feelings. Its designer, Nina Stössinger, hoped to develop a solution that would feel inviting, but also serious; somewhat feminine, but not too swirly-girly – at once both charming and sturdy. The design’s rather large x-height and wide, open shapes allow it to... Read More

Please take care of the bamboo

The first slab serif fonts appeared at the beginning of industrialization in Great Britain in 1820. Clarendon and Ionic became the names for this new development in England, known as English Egyptienne elsewhere in Europe. Clarendon is also the name of a particular font of this style, which, thanks to its clear, objective and timeless forms, never lost its contemporary feel. In small point... Read More

Work to live, don’t live to work

Carousel is a fat faces display type designed by Gary Gillot in 1966. Fat faces were offshoots of the modern, or Didone, typefaces that were de rigueur during the early 1800s. These fat faces were among the first typefaces to be used solely for advertising purposes. Naturally, they were always used in larger point sizes, in display functions. Carousel could be called an optimization of these... Read More

Hrant Papazian and Nina Stössinger
FontFont 2011
Hermann Eidenbenz
Linotype 1953
Gareth Hague
Alias 2012

Gerard Unger