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Best of 2017 – Script & Display

Last edited March 01, 2018
He who laughs last thinks slowest

For a complete overview of all glyphs and OpenType features download the FF Uberhand Manual (PDF). The FF Uberhand Text family has two weights, Regular and Bold, with spacing and color tuned for longer text settings on paper or screen. The 11 versatile weights from Hairline to Black of the... Read More

Christoph Dunst
Atlas Font Foundry 2017
Henrique Beier
Harbor Type 2017
Jens Kutilek
FontFont 2017
Ermin Mededovic
Jackson Burke and Lynne Yun
Monotype 2017
Sabina Chipara
Monotype 2017

Phill Grimshaw, Monotype.Design Studio and Charles Rennie Mackintosh
ITC 2017