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Blackletter Inspired Typefaces

Benedikt Bramböck
Last edited May 04, 2014
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Jan Middendorp described FF Brokenscript in his book Dutch Type (2004) thus: “It is a study in Fraktur, or blackletter, possibly inspired by Gerrit Noordzij’s extensive writings on the subject.” One of the first blackletter typefaces in the FontFont library, the design takes cues from the early textura scribal tradition. The letterforms have been somewhat updated however, especially the... Read More

Tom Rickner
Alisa Nowak
TypeTogether 2012
Just van Rossum
FontFont 1991
Anton Studer
Die Gestalten 2008
Gareth Hague
Alias 1998
Tim Ahrens
Just Another Foundry 2010
Gareth Hague
Alias 1997