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Chris’ Favorites

Christopher Hamamoto
Last edited May 25, 2014

After creating type samples daily for several months there are more than a few typefaces seared into my memory. These are those that I have the fondest memories of. Truly versatile and beautiful type!

The word choice is meant to showcase some of the best glyphs from each typeface, the size is meant to show their intended usage.

Careful tiny grass is dreaming

Cosmiqua is a lively serif family from Linotype's Type Director, Akira Kobayashi. Inspired by advertising design from the 1950s, Kobayashi began to closely examine his favorite letterforms from this genre, particularly those headline faces that appear to live in the space between formal italic types and casual handwriting. These letterforms exude a certain hope for the future, and also appear... Read More

Houston, we have a problem

FF Good is a straight-sided sans serif in the American Gothic tradition, designed by Warsaw-based Łukasz Dziedzic. Despite having something of an “old-fashioned” heritage, FF Good feels new. Many customers agree: the sturdy, legible forms of FF Good have been put to good use in the Polish-language magazine ‘Komputer Swiat,’ the German and Russian edition of the celebrity tabloid OK!, and the... Read More

Contradiction keeps sanity in place

Plantin is a family of text typefaces created by Monotype in 1913. Their namesake, Christophe Plantin (Christoffel Plantijn in Dutch), was born in France during the year 1520. In 1549, he moved to Antwerp, located in present-day Belgium. There he began printing in 1555. For a brief time, he also worked at the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands. Typefaces used in Christophe Plantin's books... Read More

Veronika Burian
Akira Kobayashi
Linotype 2007
Lukasz Dziedzic
FontFont 2007
Hermann Hoffmann and Tagir Safayev
ParaType 1908
Frank Hinman Pierpont and Robert Granjon
Monotype 1700