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David’s favorite Great Pairs

David Sudweeks
Last edited April 29, 2014
FF Quixo
FF Clifford

David's weekly series Great Pairs covers the basics of typeface pairing – what to look for in a working relationship between two families – and points out certain considerations the typographer must take into account when working with a given combination or typeface. Every so often, this exercise produces at truly great pair. Here are a few of David's favorites, grouped with the serif first in each pair.

Please carefully bang head

At size, FF Quixo’s text weight reads like a slightly upped-contrast Clarendon.

Frank Grießhammer started FF Quixo out as graduation project while studying in the Type and Media program at KABK Den Haag. Learning... Read More

Get hold of arm rest to fall the wound

An even-colored and very readable text face, that pairs well with Trio Grotesk.

The first sketches for the FF Clifford typeface were done in 1994. These drew inspiration from Alexander Wilson’s Long Primer Roman type,... Read More

Frank Grießhammer
FontFont 2013
Akira Kobayashi
FontFont 1999