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An overview of DIN variations from various foundries.

Stephen Coles
Last edited December 01, 2014

See also DIN Alternatives.

Courage is grace under pressure

FF DIN Round comes as a welcome addition to the most popular family in the FontFont library and brings warmth to FF DIN’s simplicity and industrial sterility. The face is more than a programmatically rounded version of its predecessor. Albert-Jan Pool and his team reworked each letterform to maintain the structure of the original. This ensures FF DIN and FF DIN... Read More

Hot and spicy duck heart

On the way back to the airport from the 1994 ATypI conference in San Francisco, Albert-Jan Pool and Erik Spiekermann discussed Pool’s prospects, Spiekermann knowing that his friend’s employer had just gone out of business. He suggested that if Pool wanted to make some money in type design, that he take a closer... Read More


Albert-Jan Pool
FontFont 2010
Albert-Jan Pool
FontFont 1995