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Philipp Stosch
Last edited September 12, 2017
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Originally designed in partnership with the global consumer electronics brand, Sony, the SST® typeface family is an exceptionally comprehensive and remarkably versatile design. Built on solid typographic traditions with the goal of enduring for decades, the design combines an organic readability with a controlled persona. These attributes combine to give SST a balance of legibility and... Read More

Sunshade with the firm crust

FF Kievit explores the synthesis of the sans serif form to the structure and proportions of a traditional Renaissance Roman such as Garamond or Granjon. Work began on the typeface in 1995 when Mike Abbink was a student at Art Center in California. The family spans nine weights and includes small caps, true italics, and multiple figure sets – everything necessary for creating sophisticated... Read More

Stuff in palm treasure crayfish

Mike Abbink’s initial concept with FF Milo was to create a compact sans with very short ascenders and decenders. This resulted in a versatile typeface that’s well suited to magazine and newspaper typography. The typeface was named after a resilient grain, hinting at its ability to serve as a design staple. In later releases the design was expanded upon with FF... Read More

Technology is no place for wimps

A grown-up, no-nonsense sibling to Erik Spiekermann’s popular FF Meta, FF Unit irons out many of the quirks of its predecessor, dialing back the warmth to a comfortable, if a bit cool, room temperature. Set at small sizes, FF Unit’s legibility is aided by its increased contrast and simplified forms, all of which (a, g, i, j, l, U, M) have alternates. First released in 2003, FF Unit later... Read More

Please do not sit on crocodile

The first cuts of Trade Gothic were designed by Jackson Burke in 1948. He continued to work on further weights and styles until 1960 while he was director of type development for Mergenthaler-Linotype in the USA. Trade Gothic does not display as much unifying family structure as other popular sans serif font families, but this dissonance adds a bit of earthy naturalism to its appeal. Trade... Read More

Do not empty your dog here

FF Bau is a large workhorse family of sans serif typefaces drawn in the “Grotesk” genre. Christian Schwartz is its designer, working under the inspiration of Grotesk types cast by the Schelter & Giesecke foundry in Leipzig. Schelter & Giesecke sold these popular Grotesks for many decades; they were first introduced around 1880. When the Bauhaus moved nearby in Dessau in the mid-1920s, these... Read More

Nick Cooke
G-Type 2009
Akira Kobayashi and Isao Suzuki
Monotype 2017
Akira Kobayashi and Sandra Winter
Monotype 2016
Michael Abbink and Paul van der Laan
FontFont 2001
Michael Abbink and Paul van der Laan
FontFont 2006
Erik Spiekermann and Christian Schwartz
FontFont 2003
Adrian Frutiger and Nadine Chahine
Linotype 1988
Jackson Burke
Linotype 1948
Christian Schwartz
FontFont 2002
Hannes von Döhren
HVD Fonts 2012
Botio Nikoltchev
Jos Buivenga
exljbris 2008
Nico Inosanto
Nootype 2013

René Bieder

René Bieder