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Extra Bld Heavy Sans

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Last edited May 19, 2014
Courage is grace under pressure

A popular choice within the FontFont library, FF Clan is an extensive family from Polish designer Łukasz Dziedzic. A contemporary sans with modestly squared curves, FF Clan comprises seven weights across an astonishing six widths. Dziedzic’s strong, readable types feature a large x-height, short descenders, and small caps for all weights. The thin weight is delicate but impactful, ideal for... Read More

In case of emergency, run like hell

The Flyer font family consists of two very heavy condensed sans serif faces, Black Condensed and Extra Black Condensed. Excellent for headlines or packaging, Flyer font is geometric and quite similar to Tempo Heavy Condensed.

Who loves me, loves my dog too

Working closely with Erik Spiekermann and Christian Schwartz, FF Meta Headline was brought to life by Joshua Darden. The design makes Meta work in the headline space, which requires a tighter fit and more compact forms, both horizontally and vertically. The face covers... Read More

Houston, we have a problem

Plak is a typeface originally created by famous German designer Paul Renner in 1930. Paul Renner is also the designer of the Futura typefaces. Like Futura, Plak is a sans serif design. But its unique qualities include its heaviness, and its un-geometric lowercase "a."

Beware the hobby that eats

This lively sans combines plain shapes with calligraphic touches. FF Sanuk’s roman letterforms are clean and crisply drawn, but their stylish detailing showcases Dupré’s artistic spirit. Modestly sloped, indeed, nearly upright italics convey a contemporary air while maintaining a high degree of legibility. The seven-weight family progresses in tone from a delicate hairline to a chunky fat face,... Read More

Today is under construction

A grown-up, no-nonsense sibling to Erik Spiekermann’s popular FF Meta, FF Unit irons out many of the quirks of its predecessor, dialing back the warmth to a comfortable, if a bit cool, room temperature. Set at small sizes, FF Unit’s legibility is aided by its increased contrast and simplified forms, all of which (a, g, i, j, l, U, M) have alternates. First released in 2003, FF Unit later... Read More

Tagir Safayev
Lukasz Dziedzic
FontFont 2007
Linotype Design Studio
Oleg Karpinsky
Erik Spiekermann, Christian Schwartz and Joshua Darden
FontFont 2005
Paul Renner
Linotype 1930
Xavier Dupré
FontFont 2006
Erik Spiekermann and Christian Schwartz
FontFont 2003