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Extra Bold: Techno, Futuristic

Stephen Coles
Last edited October 24, 2014

Techno types, stencils, retro faces, and other extra bold novelties in the Display type category.
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Fat people are harder to kidnap

What became FF TradeMarker was conceived as a “remix” of the Serpentine Bold typeface. After incorporating the proto-design into countless record sleeves, flyers, and logos that he designed, the Berlin-based designer Critzla finished the family and named it FF TradeMarker. This is a typeface for building brand identities. The original Serpentine inspiration – without its vestigial serifs – can... Read More

Oppressed people tend to be witty

Based on square forms, FF QType successfully walks the difficult line between pure geometry and legibility. Achaz Reuss used his years of type design experience to flesh out a concept that could have been, in the hands of a student or amateur, a much less useful result. Five subfamilies make up the whole (Compressed, Condensed, Semi Extended, Extended and Square) each in five weights (Extra... Read More

FontFont 1999

Achaz Reuss
FontFont 2004
John Roshell and Eric Eng Wong
John Roshell