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Faceted Fonts

Yves Peters
Last edited October 05, 2016
Do not empty your dog here

In FF Mach, all curved lines have been replaced by straight ones, some of which are set at angles. This results in a rather technical appearance, and one that’s contemporary in feeling. The family has 18 styles in all: six weights in three widths. FF Mach’s first sketches were drawn in 2004, when a colleague of Dziedzic’s planned a new Polish arts and culture magazine. He asked Dziedzic for a... Read More

Technology is no place for wimps

The letterforms we take for granted as headers on faxes and on transmission verification reports served as inspiration for Hyun Cho’s FF Tronic. Hyun Cho is an art director in Seoul, South Korea. He studied graphic design at the Yale University School of Art and obtained a BFA in visual communication design at the Kyung Won University. He has won several design awards in the US, Korea and... Read More

Don’t treat me like a potato

Drawn in by the logo printed on the side of a cup from the erstwhile GDR dining car company Mitropa, Johannes Erler started work on FF Pullman in 1995. The original, somewhat rigid, basic typeface was soon joined by an elegant inline version. An overlay style was added so that the inner and outer forms could be set in different colors. Upon searching, Erler found a number of train symbols in... Read More

Wim Crouwel
The Foundry 2015
Lukasz Dziedzic
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Hyun Cho
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Tim Ahrens
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Johannes Erler
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Michael Doret
Alphabet Soup 2006