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FontShops Favoriten Rounded 2012

Diese Auswahl zeigt unsere Empfehlungen besonderer Rounded Schriften.

Klaus Spanka
Last edited April 07, 2014
The road to hell wasn’t paved in a day

FF Speak is Danish designer Jan Maack’s rounded sans. Maack’s express aim was to capture the tone and feeling of youthful conversation. FF Speak’s smooth, energetic letterforms can be used in different ways to vary the intended mood, depending on the weights and amount of extra ligatures employed. Its light weight carries regular speech, and a heavy weight speaks more loudly. Regular and bold... Read More

Please take care of the bamboo

FF DIN Round comes as a welcome addition to the most popular family in the FontFont library and brings warmth to FF DIN’s simplicity and industrial sterility. The face is more than a programmatically rounded version of its predecessor. Albert-Jan Pool and his team reworked each letterform to maintain the structure of the original. This ensures FF DIN and FF DIN... Read More

Please take care of the bamboo

Rounded typefaces go in and out of style. They are often used for user interfaces, or for back-lit signage. Sharp type often looks blunt in these situations, and the amount of bluntness is unpredictable. The solution: start by rounding the corners. FF Unit Rounded began as an exclusive customization of FF Unit. Something friendly and precise to be read on screen, on signs, in print, and a broad... Read More

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