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Last edited June 17, 2014
Species with vogue synchronous

The premise for FF Ernestine came from the search for a versatile monolinear text face whose design could transmit seemingly opposite feelings. Its designer, Nina Stössinger, hoped to develop a solution that would feel inviting, but also serious; somewhat feminine, but not too swirly-girly – at once both charming and sturdy. The design’s rather large x-height and wide, open shapes allow it to... Read More

No tails in the disorder please

FF Sero combines the familiar forms of an American Grotesque with the legibility of a Humanist sans. It has open counters, a relatively high x-height and a homogeneous gray value. Inside the seven years of its development, the classic letterforms matured to reveal a balanced, distincitve design. Eight carefully stepped weights and an extensive character set allow for a sophisticated and... Read More

Hrant Papazian and Nina Stössinger
FontFont 2011
Eduardo Berliner
Jörg Hemker
FontFont 2011
Christoph Dunst
Atlas Font Foundry 2011