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Free Fonts

Expanded & Updated: The Biggest List of Free Fonts ... !

Last edited August 15, 2016

Some of our foundries offer single styles of their best typeface families at no charge, transferring some of the designs’ potential future value to you—here in the present. Simply login to your FontShop account, click ‘Buying Options’ (switch to ‘Styles’ at the bottom), select the free styles, checkout and enjoy!

If you are searching for more budget options to fill your collection, also check out this list of almost free fonts.

Humor is reason gone bad

In the 1920s the Viennese government decided to standardize the street signs across the city. A typeface was especially constructed for the purpose. It was available in a Heavy and a Bold Condensed version, to support short street names as well as longer ones. As the years went by, the typeface was adopted and redrawn by several enamel factories. These adaptations lead to variations on the... Read More

Blockprint Gert Wiescher Wiescher Design 2013
All children have brain damage

When the semi-serif Museo became a success in 2008, its designer Jos Buivenga researched some possibilities of other versions. Museo Sans was not that difficult because making a sans out of a (semi) serif is — more or less — cutting off the serifs and adjusting weight, width and contrast. So… Buivenga made Museo Sans and while doodling around and fiddling with slab serifs to make Museo Slab,... Read More