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Geogrotesque Stencil Alternatives

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Noah Nazir
Last edited July 28, 2018
If you can’t join them, beat them

The renowned American illustrator and graphic designer Milton Glaser designed Glaser Stencil in 1970. Glaser Stencil is a perfect summation of both Modernist proportion and New York-style solidity and self-assurance. An all capitals font, the shapes of the letters are reminiscent of popular sans serif faces of the time, such as Futura and ITC Avant Garde Gothic. Like everything New... Read More

Species with vogue synchronous

While a senior in college, Christian Schwartz worked for a clothing company, designing t-shirts and labels. The aesthetic of one of the lines mixed industrial and military looks, which called for a lot of stencil type. He picked up some stencils at a hardware store and digitized the characters, since other companies regularly ripped off prints they designed with readily available fonts. In this... Read More

Line up to block in the seafood

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Myriad® was designed in 1992 by Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly, and the design staff at Adobe Systems. It's a humanist sans serif... Read More

Beware of explosive dogs

The aim with this enhancement of Hans Reichel’s mega-popular FF Dax typeface was to balance the contrast so that the letters would work better in long texts at small point sizes. FF Daxline is wider than its predecessor, and the capitals are larger. There is even a lighter version than light: thin. The result is a much more consistent, versatile family without abandoning the distinctive... Read More

It is warm and fragrant to hint

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FF Good is a straight-sided sans serif in the American Gothic tradition, designed by Warsaw-based Łukasz Dziedzic. Despite having... Read More

Think more, design less

Aptifer Sans Value Pack, Four fonts: Aptifer Sans Regular, Aptifer Sans Italic, Aptifer Sans Bold, and Aptifer Sans Bold Italic! A 21st century typeface created by Mårten Thavenius, each Aptifer Sans font contains an OpenType character set, with 922 glyphs! The following codepages are fully supported in Aptifer Sans: 1252 Latin 1, 1250 Latin 2: Eastern Europe, 1254 Turkish, and 1257 Baltic. A... Read More

No cross railing lest suddenness happens

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Sarcasm is more a shield than a lance

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The typeface FF Transit is a highly legible design that works well for readers who need quick orientation while en route. Made to blend... Read More

Keep table cleaned after dying

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On the way back to the airport from the 1994 ATypI conference in San Francisco, Albert-Jan Pool... Read More

Caution to download the steps

“Legato” is a musical term, meaning that the notes are played in a “connected” manner. This idea of connecting discrete units to enhance overall expression can be applied to the letters setting a text in precisely the same way. In designing FF Legato, Evert Bloemsma studied the extent to which the characters of the alphabet visually connect and build proper word and line images, then setting... Read More

No burning enter this place

Hellmut G. Bomm first released his Linotype Nautilus typeface in 1999. Ten years later, he updated and expanded the design. Now users have two additional families at their disposal: Nautilus Text and Nautilus Monoline. Nautilus Text bears more similarities to the original Linotype Nautilus. The letters shows a high degree of contrast in their stroke modulation. Bomm's intention was to create a... Read More

Never put a sock in a toaster

Linotype Textra™ is a clever twist on the sans serif genre, designed by Jochen Schuss and Jörg Herz in 2002. Schuss says this about Linotype Textra: "Two in one! The same Linotype Textra, which is so neutral and practical for long text passages turns into an eye-catching headline type when used in larger point sizes. The trick? It's all in the details. The type's clear, robust forms give it a... Read More

Every encounter keep treasure

Rotis® is a comprehensive family group with Sans Serif, Semi Sans, Serif, and Semi Serif styles, for a total of 17 weights including italics. The four families have similar weights, heights and proportions; though the Sans is primarily monotone, the Semi Sans has swelling strokes, the Semi Serif has just a few serifs, and the Serif has serifs and strokes with mostly vertical axes. Designed by... Read More

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Günther Flake and Veronika Elsner
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exljbris 2008

Jochen Schuss and Jörg Herz
Linotype 2002
Gert Wunderlich
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Otl Aicher
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Gert Wiescher
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Ole Schäfer and Karl-Heinz Lange
primetype 2009
Ralph du Carrois
primetype 2004