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Handwriting Cyrillic Fonts

A recommended list of handwritten cyrillic typefaces designed by native speaking experts.

Ivo Gabrowitsch
Last edited October 30, 2015
Every encounter keep treasure

Using Franz Kafka’s handwritten literary oeuvre as a source, Julia Sysmäläinen created the FF Mister K family, beginning with “the temptation and challenge” of capturing the writer’s free flowing penmanship as type. Its members, the original FF Mister K, a more relaxed Informal variant, and a Splendid style in two weights capture the lively charm of the author’s characters, whose temperaments... Read More

Julia Sysmäläinen
FontFont 2008
Tagir Safayev and Gennady Fridman
Gennady Fridman and Alexander Tarbeev
Gennady Fridman