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Handwriting Fonts: Antique

Stephen Coles
Last edited September 10, 2015

Fonts that emulate vintage cursive handwritten scripts from the 18th to the early 20th centuries when even the general public learned how to write beautifully with a fountain pen.

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Hell: one way in and no way out

Voluta Script is the work of Austrian designer Viktor Solt, created for use in a guide to the Austrian Gallery at Castle Belvedere. A volute (Latin "voluta") is a spiral or scroll-shaped ornament used in the Baroque architecture of Castle Belvedere, similar to the swashes in this typeface. The castle was the historic residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy, one of the great military commanders of... Read More

Please no bomb into the ash here

ITC Johann Sparkling is the work of Austrian designer Viktor Solt, a perfect imitation of the handwriting of an educated person of the 18th century. "ITC Johann Sparkling is intended to close the gap between highly formal copperplate scripts and the scribbled look of 'true' handwriting," says Solt. "I am not very interested in highly formal and perfect calligraphy, but rather in quick,... Read More

Schedule smell of panda droppings

Vienna designer Viktor Solt has a love affair with handwriting. “Usually” he says “when I start with a specific calligraphic style I take some historic specimens and try to integrate their main features into my own handwriting.” Although there are hints of various 18th-century calligraphic styles in Ballerino it was not based on any historical model. The swash ascenders and descenders on the... Read More

To hold a pen is to wage war

Frank Marciuliano designed the basic forms of Linotype Constitution around those of the swash alphabets of the 18th century. While the capitals are generously designed, the lower case letters have more reserved forms and are narrower. The characters of Constitution seem to have been set to paper with a feather and ink. The marked stroke contrast and elegant forms makes it a dynamic and... Read More

Even fools are right sometimes

FF Pepe is an uninhibited typeface with no prejudices. Working out of Valencia, Spain, Pepe Gimeno’s design practice is known for lively, colorful posters and publications. FF Pepe is his own script typeface: both informal and drawn taking great pains to preserve a uniform feeling throughout. The capitals are deformed, giving them a strong personality. A more uniform set of lowercase letters... Read More

Species with vogue synchronous

Pablo is the work of British designer Trevor Pettit, who based this dramatic typeface on the signature of Pablo Picasso. The chunky lowercase reflects the very essence of Picasso's influence and the initial capitals can also be used on their own. Pablo is excellent for work requiring a vivid, cutting edge appearance.

It is warm and fragrant to hint

Using Franz Kafka’s handwritten literary oeuvre as a source, Julia Sysmäläinen created the FF Mister K family, beginning with “the temptation and challenge” of capturing the writer’s free flowing penmanship as type. Its members, the original FF Mister K, a more relaxed Informal variant, and a Splendid style in two weights capture the lively charm of the author’s characters, whose temperaments... Read More

Viktor Solt-Bittner
Adobe 1998
Viktor Solt-Bittner
ITC 1998
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Viktor Solt-Bittner
Frank Marciuliano
Linotype 1997
Pepe Gimeno
FontFont 2002
Trevor Pettit
ITC 1995
Julia Sysmäläinen
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