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Les Aubettes

Sébastien Nicolaïdis
Last edited September 22, 2022
The best things in life are furry

FF Tisa designed by Mitja Miklav quickly became a new-millennium favorite of graphic designers, in print as well as on the web. Its large x-height and sturdy, well-spaced forms aid its legibility at text sizes, while its low stroke contrast and range of weights allow it to successfully function at larger sizes as well. Since the designer considered wayfinding systems a potential use for the... Read More

Help oneself terminating machine

FF Blur is from FontFont’s earliest period, made in 1991 by British designer Neville Brody. The typeface was developed by blurring a grayscale image of an existing grotesque and then vectorizing what remained. Though deceptively simple, his process was imitated widely afterward, with mediocre results. Notwithstanding the knock-offs, FF Blur entered the zeitgeist of early and mid-1990s design,... Read More

Japanese apple and cheerful hamster

FUSE Classics is a collection of some of the most interesting designs from the first years of FUSE. The designers were asked to revisit the original fonts, and complete the designs. Pierre di Sciullo comments on his contribution to the FUSE Classic package: In FF Scratched Out, each letter tries to disappear, mutilating itself. And in effect, each letter is illegible when viewed alone. But... Read More

Carefully ground obstacle be care walk

Yanek Iontef loves the printing on cardboard packaging. For years, he collected empty cardboard boxes that once carried imported goods. His studio soon looked like a warehouse. To regain ground, he began transforming the visual language of the boxes into a font with universal appeal. Then, he donated the whole of his cardboard collection to a local recycling facility. There are two FF... Read More

Mitja Miklavcic
FontFont 2008
Neville Brody
FontFont 1991
Achaz Reuss, Albert-Jan Pool and Antonia Cornelius
FontFont 2021
Phil Baines
FontFont 1991
Yanek Iontef
FontFont 2003