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Mahlzeit: Vom Essen und Trinken

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Last edited May 16, 2014
He who laughs last thinks slowest

Hans-Jürgen Ellenberger designed Escript as a handwriting typeface with fresh, lively forms. Each letter has a slightly different character, yet all fit well together and this lack of concrete rules gives the font a spontaneous feel. Escript is well suited to headlines, smaller texts, and initials when combined with constructed typefaces.

Holy cow no responsible for your car

ITC Mona Lisa was designed by Pat Hickson, a stark and elegant typeface originally drawn in the 1930s by Albert Auspurg. The original drawings were long gone and the surviving metal type was already severely worn when Hickson studied Auspurg's design for his recreation. The result is a typeface which melds the flavor of the 1930s with current design standards. ITC Mona Lisa displays all the... Read More

Throw mischievous cook the sauce

Linotype Mano is a fresh new font from the Swiss designer Marco Ganz. Urgent and vital, the typeface suggests swift communication or the latest trends: spontaneous and informal, personal and individual. Ganz deliberately gave the characters a marked lean to the right, similar to that of quick handwriting. But Linotype Mano is not only nimble and quick, it also retains its legibility as a text... Read More

Law prohibits underwater smoking

Roundy was designed by F.K. Sallwey and appeared with Linotype in 1993. This calligraphy font is true to its name with its soft, round characters. The regular strokes give text an easy, relaxed feel. For variation and emphasis, Sallwey included swash capitals in this font. As initials, the swash characters add zest to texts and can be combined with other alphabets. The calligraphic elegance of... Read More

Beware of the brick in front of you

Not to be confused with the prolific, 1980s British super-star graphic and type designer Neville Brody, this brush script typeface was designed in 1953 by the American type designer Harold Broderson. Broderson worked for ATF (the American Type Founders), who were the original publishers of this design. Body is a brush script face that mimics the show card style of lettering, which was very... Read More

Math is easy, design is hard

Though it bears little resemblance to the types designed by the King of Printers (Bodoni) , Poster Bodoni pushes the stroke contrast feature of the modern faces to a captivating extreme. It was designed by Chauncey H. Griffith in 1929, and resembles the fat-faces of the nineteenth century. In all weights - black, black italic, and compressed - the skinny counter shapes are cushioned by solid... Read More

Go on with your bad self

German artist Johannes Plass created the strongly crafted Linotype Atomatic in 1997. Linotype Atomatic seems to mirror the fast pace and technology of modern times, and is reminiscent of the metal lettering found on the backs of automobiles during the 1950s and 60s. The slight lean to the right gives an impression of speed and movement. Linotype Atomatic is intended exclusively for headlines in... Read More

Do not joke for the bathroom

Linotype Feltpen is part of the Take Type Library, chosen from the contestants of Linotype's International Digital Type Design Contests of 1994 and 1997. This fun font was designed by the Swedish artist Lutz Baar with clear, light forms. The spontaneous, even letters seem to have been written with the felt pen from which the font takes its name. Linotype Feltpen is available in two weights,... Read More

Tether even a roasted chicken

Linotype Lindy was designed by Frank Marciuliano and exhibits many of the same characteristics of a similar font by the same artist, Linotype Isilda. Lindy is an outline font in which the inner areas of letters are black and the actual letter forms are white. Lindy is only to be used in larger point sizes, when its legibility is optimized and its unique forms can be fully appreciated.

That square is top of cool shape

In 1899, Robert Wiebking (who worked for a number of foundries in his time) designed an all-caps typeface named Engravers Roman (see Engravers #2). American Type Founders, Inc. (ATF) released a heavier variant in 1902, Engravers Bold, designed by Morris Fuller Benton. Engravers Bold was also released by the Barnhart Brothes & Spinder foundry.Today, Linotype's Engravers brings... Read More

Even fools are right sometimes

Papyrus is a roman calligraphic typeface with distinctive human touches like rough edges, irregular curves, and high horizontal strokes in the caps. It imparts a warm and friendly ambience to everything from restaurant menus to book covers. American Chris Costello created the popular font Papyrus in 1983 and counts it as one of his proudest accomplishments. In addition to designing type,... Read More

Slip away the hot chicken slice

Saga is a rather narrow typeface designed for a typeface competition arranged by a Scandinavian graphic arts magazine. It had to be based on ancient runic characters, that's the reason of some peculiar angular shapes. Saga is not att all a new runic typeface, but a usable one when the columns are narrow.The name is taken, of course, from the Nordic mythology. But "saga" in the meaning of... Read More

Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa

Canada Type
Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa
Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa
Hans-Jürgen Ellenberger
Linotype 2003
A. Pat Hickson
ITC 1991
Marco Ganz
Linotype 1988
Friedrich Karl Sallwey
Linotype 1993
Harold Broderson
Linotype 1953
Giambattista Bodoni and Chauncey H. Griffith
Linotype 1790
Johannes Plass
Linotype 1997
Lutz Baar
Linotype 1997
Frank Marciuliano
Linotype 1997
Morris Fuller Benton, Robert Wiebking and Monotype.Design Studio
Linotype 1899
Chris Costello
ITC 1983
Franko Luin
Linotype 1992
Alejandro Paul
Sudtipos 2004
Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa