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Mercurius Script Alternatives

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Noah Nazir
Last edited August 23, 2018

Mercurius Script font was designed by the Hungarian wood engraver and type designer Imre Reiner in 1957 for the Monotype Corporation. The expressiveness of this bold script typeface is the result of Reiner's use of a bamboo pen for Mercurius Script's elemental shapes. Used sparingly, Mercurius Script font gives even the dullest headlines genuine spirit and excitement.

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Matura font was designed by the Hungarian wood engraver and type designer Imre Reiner in 1938 and released by the Monotype Corporation. Matura font is a bold upright script that looks as if it were written with a broad-edged pen. A set of vibrant near-flourished capitals, called scriptorial capitals, broadens the usual range of script faces. Matura's distinctive lines make it appropriate for... Read More

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ITC True Grit is the work of American designer Michael Stacey, a bold distinctive typeface. An enthusiastic collector of vintage graphic design, Stacey says that he is especially intrigued by lettering styles from the days when most display typography was done by hand. The style for ITC True Grit was taken from the 1930s and updated for digital imagine. Stacey say his goal was to retain the... Read More

Never put a sock in a toaster

ITC Esprit is the work of designer Jovica Veljović and blends the classic proportions of a serif typeface with the grace and charm of calligraphy. Highly legible even in small point sizes, the font can also be used as an impressive display face for use with sans serif text.

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Chaparral is the work of type designer Carol Twombly and combines the legibility of slab serif designs popularized in the 19th century with the grace of 16th century roman book lettering. The result is a versatile, hybrid slab-serif design. Unlike "geometric" slab serif designs, Chaparral has varying letter proportions that give it an accessible and friendly appearance in all weights from light... Read More

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The Ysobel™ typeface family is not only elegant; it is also exceptionally legible and space economical. A collaborative design effort between Robin Nicholas, as lead designer and project director, Delve Withrington and Alice Savoie of Monotype Imaging, the project had the primary design goal of creating a typeface family for setting text in newspapers and periodicals. The result, however, is... Read More

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ITC Mendoza is a serif typeface with old style characteristics. A generous x-height and a lack of contrast between thick and thin strokes, gives the ITC Mendoza Roman font family good legibility and provides a sturdiness which enables the face to withstand low resolution output and less than ideal printing conditions. It is ideal for continuous text use, particularly in small point sizes.

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Originally drawn in 1985, Jovica Veljović had intended to add a few kerning pairs and make some minor refinements to the letterforms. However, his work lead him to take a fresh look at the family. Veljović recalls, "… I soon realized that some characters could benefit by more refined shapes and proportions. By the time I was done, I had worked on just about every character in the... Read More

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Check also: Space Saving Fonts

FF Parable is a versatile text face designed with small text sizes (between 6 and 10 point) in mind, which makes it perfect for... Read More

PTL Roletta Slab primetype
Never put a sock in a toaster

After the Second World War, the Ionic style replaced Modern Face as the favored typeface for newsprint. A couple decades later, it was in turn replaced by the next generation of newspaper fonts, a mix of Old Face, Transitional and Modern Face forms. Olympian font itself tends toward the Old Face style but is nevertheless an example of this new generation, a result of a time of change and... Read More

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I have a notation that the summer of 1994, when I worked with Kalix, was a warm one. I had no special typeface in mind when drawing the characters of Kalix, but many typefaces contributed to it, e.g. my own Omnibus from which I borrowed the looks of the smal case g. I think it is a lovely typeface whose use is mainly for books and magazines.Kalix is the name of a northern Swedish town situated... Read More

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Adrian Frutiger came up with this unusually purposeful and strong design in 1981 for Linotype. Early humanistic typefaces of the sixteenth century, especially Jenson, served as models for Breughel. The right sides of the stems are vertical and at right angles to the baseline while the left sides of the stem curve into the serifs, making the typeface look as though it slants to the right, and... Read More

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Lucida is a family of fonts with one basic design, but offered in two variations. It has both serif and sans serif characters. Lucida is suitable for books/text, documentation/business reports, posters, advertisement, multimedia.

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