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Monospaced: Humanist Sans

Last edited July 12, 2016

Monospaced fonts with forms that are derived from the humanist sans serif classification.

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Every encounter keep treasure

FF Fago is the quintessential corporate typeface, a result of many years of work within the challenges and requirements of complex corporate design projects. The family offers five finely balanced weights across three widths, enough for virtually any conceivable application. Its various widths were carefully planned and drawn to complement and combine with each other. Aside from the impressive... Read More

Client Mono Olof Lindqvist and Sebastian Wadstedt Die Gestalten 2009
PTL Notes Mono primetype
Freak out and drink all the liquor

The first drawings of FF Eureka date from 1995 when it was designed for the bilingual text “Transparency”. The typeface works particularly well with languages that commonly use accented characters. Because most contemporary Latin typefaces have large x-heights, little room is left to accommodate the accents which end up being small and tightly wedged in place. In many languages however, the... Read More

Sami Kortemäki, Akiem Helmling and Bas Jacobs
Underware 2002
Luc(as) de Groot
LucasFonts 2022

Sue Zafarana
Bitstream 1998
Günther Flake and Carlo Krüger
Elsner+Flake 1997
Steve Matteson
Monotype 1995
Olof Lindqvist and Sebastian Wadstedt
Die Gestalten 2009

Ole Schäfer
primetype 2002
Peter Bil'ak
FontFont 2001