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Monospaced: Other

Last edited July 12, 2016

Monospaced fonts with forms that don’t fit any traditional typeface classification.

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Life’s a bitch, and I’m a dog

FF Magda is a grunge family designed by Swiss-born designer Cornel Windlin. “I intended it to be a sister font to Erik van Blokland’s very popular FF Trixie, in order to offer a less nostalgic typewriter face to designers with an appetite for Banal Everyday Typography,” wrote Windlin. FF Magda isn’t a lazy effort, however. The family includes no less than nine levels of boldness or ink bleed,... Read More

Beware of geeks bearing formulas

OCR-A was originally designed in 1968 as a machine-readable alphabet. Its functionality was its most important element, instead of its design. Over the following decades, the typeface has become popular in the design world nevertheless. But typographically pleasing results are often hard to come by, due to the original design's "non-design design," as well as its undeveloped character set. In... Read More

No news is the mother of invention

FF Typestar, from Steffen Sauerteig, part of the eBoy design collective, is one of the most sophisticated typewriter-inspired fonts in the FontFont library. Although FF Typestar is essentially a geometric typeface, it is still subtly refined. The small system includes two families. The first is a typical font quartet: regular, italic, black, and black italic. These offer everything needed for... Read More

Caution to download the steps

FF Letter Gothic Slang is a ’90s grunge re-interpretation of Albert Pingera’s FF Letter Gothic Mono and FF Letter Gothic Text designs. The family was produced by Susanna Dulkinys during the design of “Jargon Watch,” published by Wired. This was a pocket dictionary for the digerati. Dulkinys described the type as follows: “Jargon is a jumbled form of ephemeral language filled with metaphor.... Read More

Please do not get over it

With the families FF SubVario and FF SubMono eBoy and FontFont introduced two more pixel-font packages. Both are optimized for 24 pt at a resolution of 72 dpi. The letter forms of the two families are similar, as the names imply one, is monospaced and the other proportional. The package also includes the bonus font family FF ScreenLogger in three weights (Hot, Cool, CoolBack) optimized for 18... Read More

Freak out and drink all the liquor

Based on a modular system, FF Ticket recreates the look of thermal printer type as found on tickets, itineraries, luggage tags, forms, etc.

No burning enter this place

FF Handwriter is a brilliant hand-rendered typewriter design, drawn in monospace. Both FF Handwriter Regular and FF Handwriter Bold capture the feeling of a typewriter, but interpreted through a hand-drawn lens. There is a companion pictogram font: FF Handwriter Symbols. The series is from Berlin-based designer Alessio Leonardi, who says this about his type creation: “FF Handwriter is the only... Read More

Cornel Windlin, Henning Krause and Critzla
FontFont 1998
Miriam Röttgers
Linotype 2006
Steffen Sauerteig
FontFont 1999
Ole Schäfer
primetype 2003
GarageFont Design
Susanna Dulkinys
FontFont 1999
Kai Vermehr
FontFont 1998
Daniel Fritz
FontFont 2000
Alessio Leonardi
FontFont 1997
Luc(as) de Groot