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David Bazile

David Bazile

Last edited June 05, 2016
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FF Cocon’s designer, Evert Bloemsma (1958–2005) described it as a “serious typeface.” Despite first impressions, the description holds up well. Since its 2001 release, FF Cocon has been used in an astoundingly wide variety of design applications. At large sizes, FF Cocon works as a display face, with beautiful detailing. And at small sizes, it remains surprisingly readable. The lowercase... Read More

A nuclear war can ruin your whole day

The Ingeborg family was designed with the intent of producing a readable modern face. Its roots might well be historic, but its approach is very contemporary. Ingeborg’s text styles are functional and discreet. This was achieved without losing the classic characteristics of a Didone typeface, which are the vertical stress and the high contrast. The display styles on the other hand are... Read More

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Insignia™ was designed by British graphic design guru Neville Brody, originally as a headline face for Arena magazine in 1986, and released as a font by Linotype in 1989. Insignia has the basic forms of constructed grotesque fonts and was influenced by the New Typography of the Bauhaus during the 1930s. Its monoline, round-and-sharp forms reflect the Zeitgeist of that age, suggesting technology... Read More

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