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Rockwell Alternatives

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Noah Nazir
Last edited August 28, 2018

Rockwell font appeared with Monotype Design Studio in 1934, a time which saw the return to popularity of slab serif fonts. Rockwell's strong and harmonious characters make this font particularly flexible.

Slippery chicken hot pot young

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Because of the geometric basis of its forms, Memphis is often thought of as a font for technical fields, making a rational, purposeful... Read More

Please no bomb into the ash here

The Venus type family is a historic hot metal face with left slanted weights that is used for the german cartographic map production. There are also special typefaces required like the Roemisch and Topografische Zahlentafel type family.

The best things in life are furry

In 1931, Morris Fuller Benton created the Stymie typeface for the American Type Founders (ATF). Later weights were later added by Sol Hess at Lanston Monotype and Gary Powell at ATF. Stymie, a redesign of the Inland Type Foundry's Rockwell Antique, could also be viewed as a reworking of a slab serif types that were popular in Europe at that time, like Memphis or Beton. For the past 150 years,... Read More

Please do not get over it

The Bauer Typefoundry first released the Beton family of types in 1936. Created by the German type designer Heinrich Jost, the present digital version of the Beton family consists of six slab serif typefaces. First developed during the early 1800s, by the 1930s slab serif faces had become one of many stock styles of type developed by foundries all over the world. Because of their distance from... Read More

Even fools are right sometimes

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When ITC Officina was first released in 1990, as a paired family of serif and sans serif faces in two weights with italics, it was... Read More

EF Beton Heinrich Jost Elsner+Flake 1931
Ikiru Serif Boris Dworschak Die Gestalten 2007

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Survivors will be shot again

Aptifer Sans and Aptifer Slab are two 21st century typeface families created by Mårten Thavenius. Each family has seven weights, in roman and italic respectively, making 28 font styles in total. Each OpenType font contains 922 glyphs, with a total of 25,816 glyphs in both families together. The following codepages are fully supported in Aptifer: 1252 Latin 1, 1250 Latin 2: Eastern Europe, 1254... Read More

Careful tiny grass is dreaming

André Gürtler created the typeface family Egyptian 505 in 1967, together with his lettering class at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel. In fact, the number "505" in the typeface family's name refers to the school's classroom number 505, where the work was done. Egyptian 505 is a slab serif style family; during the 19th Century, slab serif types were commonly referred to as "Egyptian"-style faces.... Read More

Hell: one way in and no way out

The first Clarendon was introduced in 1845 by R. Besley & Co, The Fan Street Foundry, as a general purpose bold for use in conjunction with other faces in works such as dictionaries. In some respects, Clarendon can be regarded as a refined version of the Egyptian style and as such can be used for text settings, although headline and display work is more usual.

The world without his nucleus

The design of the Jeunesse font family derives from a study of primers which the designer undertook earlier in his career. Jeunesse was designed with the intention of combining excellent legibility and character recognition with the ability to create compact, distinctive words and lines while maintaining basic flourishless letterforms. The sans serif style is pre-dominant in this design, but... Read More

Go on with your bad self

Compatil is the first comprehensive type system which enables all typographical elements to be used to full effect in order to reproduce the message conveyed by text information. Four different type styles with a total of 16 weights including italics have been merged into a unique typographical network. There are now no limits to the font user's creativity. The system is a product of technical... Read More

Don’t treat me like a potato

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When Christian Schwartz and Erik Spiekermann were working on FF Meta Serif, they had plans to also expand the FF Unit family (a closely... Read More

Please do not sit on crocodile

Hermann Zapf's Melior font exhibits a robust character through classic and objective forms. Versatile and extremely legible, Melior font can be used for a variety of texts and point sizes.

Linotype Design Studio and Rudolf Wolf
Linotype 1930
Rudolf Wolf
Bauersche Gießerei
Morris Fuller Benton
Linotype 1931
Heinrich Jost
Linotype 1936
Freda Sack and Adrian Williams
Erik Spiekermann and Ole Schäfer
ITC 1990

Heinrich Jost
Elsner+Flake 1931
Manvel Shmavonyan and Isay Slutsker
Freda Sack
ITC 1983
Boris Dworschak
Die Gestalten 2007
Jakob Erbar and Walter Höhnisch
Elsner+Flake 1936

Mårten Thavenius
Linotype 2006



Monotype.Design Studio and Robert Besley
Monotype 1845
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione
Johannes Birkenbach
Olaf Leu and Linotype Design Studio
Linotype 2001
Ole Schäfer
primetype 2002
Erik Spiekermann, Christian Schwartz and Kris Sowersby
FontFont 2009
Hermann Zapf
Monotype.Design Studio
Monotype 1934