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Rounded Fonts

My favorite round typefaces from the previous (aROUND) 5 years (2010–2015).

Ivo Gabrowitsch
Last edited July 08, 2016

Speaking about rounded fonts. I highly recommend my friend Ferdinand Ulrich’s little article series A Round of Applause For Well-Rounded Type Talent Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

All children have brain damage

FF DIN Round comes as a welcome addition to the most popular family in the FontFont library and brings warmth to FF DIN’s simplicity and industrial sterility. The face is more than a programmatically rounded version of its predecessor. Albert-Jan Pool and his team reworked each letterform to maintain the structure of the original. This ensures FF DIN and FF DIN... Read More

Please carefully bang head

The friendly technical sans has gotten friendlier. Eduardo Manso has gone to great lengths in expanding the family to make Ciutadella Rounded, a face with truly round terminals in every weight—no small feat. Compact and display-focused, this one’s definitely a prominent pick among the DIN Alternatives.

Go on with your bad self

The Akko™ typeface family is the first new design from Akira Kobayashi in a very long time - and it is well worth the wait. Early in his career, Kobayashi drew original typefaces for the likes of Adobe, ITC, FontFont, Linotype and TypeBox. In the spring of 2001 he joined Linotype as type director and for the next several years collaborated with Adrian Frutiger and Hermann Zapf in the... Read More

Albert-Jan Pool
FontFont 2010
Christoph Dunst
Atlas Font Foundry 2011
Jos Buivenga
exljbris 2008
Eduardo Manso
Emtype Foundry 2015
Akira Kobayashi
Linotype 2011
Luciano Vergara
Latinotype 2012
Botio Nikoltchev
lettersoup 2014
Daniel Hernández
Latinotype 2014
Microsoft Corporation