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Size matters

Noah Nazir
Last edited May 26, 2018

Our experienced sales colleague Theresa’s favorite superfamilies — Choosing a typeface can be difficult, especially when you’re searching for versatility. Each of these families are large, but they provide great range to create freely and adapt well to many projects.

Sarcasm is more a shield than a lance

Don Handel is amazing and just expanded ITC Handel Gothic. With 10 styles to choose from, you should keep it in mind with you need a alternate to Linotype Univers. This family also pairs well with VAG Rounded.

The Handel Gothic™ typeface has been a mainstay of graphic communication for over 40 years - all the while looking as current as... Read More

Beware of explosive dogs

Łukasz Dziedzic is amazing and just expanded FF Good. With 98 styles to choose from, you should keep it in mind with you need a alternate to FF DIN. This family also pairs well with FF More.

FF Good is a straight-sided sans serif in the American Gothic tradition, designed by Warsaw-based Łukasz Dziedzic. Despite having... Read More

Do not use pool during fiery rain

Just look at it and drool. Lust has curves and nips in all the right places.

The Lust Series was Neil Summerour’s overly indulgent attempt to infuse wanton sensuality in a typeface. He wanted to create an... Read More

Do not write on the stalactites

It’s a fun family with quirky icons. Don’t judge me, it’s just kawaii!

Trend is a typeface made of layers, taking as a basis a sans and a slab version. It is the result of observation, search and study of the... Read More

Donald Handel, Nadine Chahine and Rod McDonald
ITC 2010
Lukasz Dziedzic
FontFont 2007
Neil Summerour
Positype 2012
Daniel Hernández and Paula Nazal Selaive
Latinotype 2013