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Skyline: Sans

Very narrow dis­play faces with straight sides.

Yves Peters
Last edited May 04, 2014
It is warm and fragrant to hint

Roswell was designed by Jim Parkinson, who acknowledges the 'spacey' ancestry of its name. "Yes, Roswell, New Mexico. There was a big anniversary of 'the incident' in the news while I was designing in Roswell. "The incident" is of course the alleged UFO crash in Roswell. "I thought the name was acceptable as a serious font name, while, on another level, having a strangely humorous edge,"... Read More

Think more, design less

Phenix American was designed by M.F. Benton in 1935. The Phenix American font is a headline design with condensed sans serif characters that look good on corporate stationery and packaging as well as on magazine and brochure covers.

Laundry obtained rapidly one hour

The work on FF Lancé began in 1983, when Joachim Müller-Lancé was in design school. Back from an inspiring vacation in Brittany, France, Müller-Lancé drew the first characters for the typeface by hand in class. He intended to use it for a photography project showing pictures from this trip. This was the origin of the medium weight. Ten years later, in Barcelona, he completed the alphabet,... Read More

I doubt, therefore I could be

For decades, two different styles marked the streets of divided Berlin. West Berlin street signs were made using a sans serif standard that dated back to the 1930s, at least. Meanwhile, street signs in East Berlin made use of a narrow, router-based design, which was most likely developed during the 1950s. After German reunification in 1989, it was unclear what would happen to these competing... Read More

If you can’t join them, beat them

Industria™ was designed by British graphic design guru Neville Brody, originally for a magazine called The Face, and released as a font by Linotype GmbH in 1989. Industria is a condensed sans serif with abbreviated, essential forms. It has a systemized mechanical structure of straight strokes with rounded outer corners and rectangular counter spaces. The solid version is strong, cool, and... Read More

Albert Kapitonov
Jim Parkinson and Timothy Donaldson
ITC 1990

Morris Fuller Benton
Bitstream 1937
Joachim Müller-Lancé
FontFont 1996
Verena Gerlach and Ole Schäfer
FontFont 2000
Neville Brody
Linotype 1989