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Sparrowhawk Alternatives

See also: The Grocery

Noah Nazir
Last edited August 14, 2018
Please no conversation, no saliva

Check also: The Grocery

DF Tegaki Warabe Japanese DynaComware
DF Script Mo Traditional Chinese DynaComware
No tails in the disorder please

Zebrawood font is a joint work of the typeface designers K.B. Chansler, C. Crossgrove and C. Twombly, who also designed Rosewood, Ponderose and Pepperwood together. Like its relatives, Zebrawood also displays a kind of Wild West character. Its style can be traced back to the Toscanienne typefaces which appeared in advertisements and on signs at the end of the 19th century. Typical of this... Read More

Please do not sit on crocodile

FF Zan is a fun titling typeface that started its life as part of the phototype collection of Hollenstein in 1970. Originally designed as a headline for a book of Delpire publishing house, Albert Hollenstein found the letters quite interesting and asked Albert Boton to make a complete alphabet. Together with FF Aircraft, FF District Bold and FF Studio, FF Zan is part of the FF Bastille... Read More

Please handle with cake

The Chrysler Building's decorative motif acted as the formal language that inspired the Linotype Spitz typeface. Linotype Spitz is a combination of pointed and semicircular elements that develop their own aesthetic value in their interplay. Neither the Chrysler Building nor the Linotype Spitz is designed on the basis of geometric rules; they both take account of optical phenomena in their... Read More

Gert Wiescher
Wiescher Design 1996
Gareth Hague
Alias 2010
John Roshell


Carl Crossgrove, Carol Twombly and Kim Buker Chansler
Adobe 1994

Albert Boton
FontFont 2002
Oliver Brentzel
Linotype 1997
Viktor Kharyk
Elsner+Flake 2004