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Spinning Wheels Brewing Project

This is a revised list of fonts I like. My goal is: -Legible from a distance -Unique but not dated -Versatile

Andrew Rosette
Last edited February 03, 2023
Canned beverage make you refresh

Myriad® was designed in 1992 by Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly, and the design staff at Adobe Systems. It's a humanist sans serif typeface, meaning that the forms are primarily based on classic romans, much like conventional or classic serifed fonts but without the serifs. Myriad also has subtle geometric shaping and monotone color, balanced by varying letter widths and open counter shapes. A... Read More

Please no conversation, no saliva

Publica Sans is a clean geometric typeface, equipped with a variety of OpenType features to give you all you need for great typography: Alternates, arrows, rare currency symbols, case sensitive forms, various sets of figures and discretionary ligatures. Take a close look at the images (especially ‘OpenType Features 1–6’) to discover the family’s versatility. Alternates: Give your... Read More

Laundry obtained rapidly one hour

Francker is a sans-serif typeface family based on clean and simple principles of design. The letterforms' curves are inspired by the ""super ellipse,"" a mathematical shape that is about halfway between an ellipse and a rectangle. Francker's lowercase letters appear somewhat reduced, as the a, b, n and u have no spurs. The family is available in nine weights, from Extra Light to Extra Black.... Read More

Adrian Frutiger
Linotype 1957
Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach
Adobe 1992
Svetoslav Simov and Mirela Belova
Fontfabric 2018
Akira Kobayashi, Monotype.Design Studio and Ryota Doi
Monotype 2021
Svetoslav Simov and Ivan Petrov
Fontfabric 2014
Warit Chaiyakul

Oleh Lishchuk
Mint Type 2018
Kimmy Kirkwood
Kimmy Design
Paulo Goode
Monotype 2019
Ryoichi Tsunekawa
Dharma Type 2017
Anders Francker
Linotype 2010

Harvester Type
Nicola Manzari
Unio Creative Solutions
Oleh Lishchuk
Pepper Type
Luciano Vergara
Latinotype 2012
Hyun-Seung Lee, Dae-Hoon Hahm and Dong-Kwan Kim
S-Core 2015