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Sports Script

Stephen Coles
Last edited October 26, 2016

Script fonts inspired by or similar to those on baseball jerseys, team logos, and vintage athletic ephemera. Metroscript, ATF Brush, and P22 Brass Script include underline swashes. Click each one to view their full glyph sets.

Houston, we have a problem

Cabarga Cursiva is the work of the father and son team of Demetrio E. Cabarga and Leslie Cabarga, both New York designers. The details of the sharp strokes almost give the impression of a knife blade, whether straight or curved like a scimitar. The capitals should be used only as initials and are complemented by a robust lower case alphabet as well as alternate forms and ligatures.

Doyald Young
Doyald Young 2003
Gareth Hague
Alias 1995
Michael Doret
Alphabet Soup 2006

Leslie Cabarga and Demetrio E. Cabarga
ITC 1982
John Roshell
Comicraft 2015