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Spurless Sans Serif

Stephen Coles
Last edited May 03, 2014

Sans serif typefaces without spurs (verticals that extend beyond the bowls of letters like the ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘d’, g, ‘m’, and ‘n’). This style was first made popular by Hans Reichel’s FF Dax in 1995 and has since been revisited by Reichel and other type designers to create new sans serifs with a contemporary look.

See also the spurless faces of the Bauhaus period.

Do not annoy by playing golf

The idea for the Generis type system came to Erik Faulhaber while he was traveling in the USA. Seeing typefaces mixed together in a business district motivated him to create a new type system with interrelated forms. The first design scheme came about in 1997, following the space saving model of these American Gothics. Faulhaber then examined the demands of legibility and various communications... Read More

There is no smoking in the depths

Danish design, like much design from Scandinavia is often viewed as cool, clear, and productive. Perhaps its forms find resonance with us because they are often designed with specific function in mind, like most good design should be. Noa fits this bill not only by exhibiting letterforms that are characteristic of its region, but also because of its inherent functionality. Since corporate... Read More

The road to hell wasn’t paved in a day

The FF Sari story begins in 1983 when Hans Reichel made his first typeface for the Berthold foundry, under advisement from Günter Gerhard Lange. This early work became a prologue to the graphic aesthetic and sense of originality which would guided Reichel in producing the FF Dax family. FF Sari is based on the same ideas that shaped that earliest typeface, but is itself completely redrawn and... Read More

Piglet rising and falling in front

“There are many Bauhaus style fonts on the net/in the different libraries. For me, there were no questions about hungarian influences. I’d be authentic with letterforms (using some samples according to Bauhaus designers) nonetheless, I wanted to commemorate Hungarian designers/teachers (Breuer, Moholy-Nagy, Molnár e.t.c. to new Bauhaus: Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier or anyhow Kassák of... Read More

He is a red sucker in our heart

The aim with this enhancement of Hans Reichel’s mega-popular FF Dax typeface was to balance the contrast so that the letters would work better in long texts at small point sizes. FF Daxline is wider than its predecessor, and the capitals are larger. There is even a lighter version than light: thin. The result is a much more consistent, versatile family without abandoning the distinctive... Read More

In case of emergency, run like hell

FF Dax is without doubt Hans Reichel’s magnum opus. The design is a contemporary streamlined sans in three widths: normal, wide, and condensed. Suprisingly, FF Dax Condensed was the first to be released, in 1995. The concept behind the typeface was to combine the clarity of a condensed Futura with a more humanist touch. The result is a space saving and legible typeface of timeless quality. The... Read More

The best things in life are furry

FF Cocon’s designer, Evert Bloemsma (1958–2005) described it as a “serious typeface.” Despite first impressions, the description holds up well. Since its 2001 release, FF Cocon has been used in an astoundingly wide variety of design applications. At large sizes, FF Cocon works as a display face, with beautiful detailing. And at small sizes, it remains surprisingly readable. The lowercase... Read More

Remember to pillage before you burn

FF Max is a Danish sans inspired by Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile (1962). The letter shapes in FF Max have rounder, friendlier forms, giving the typeface a certain human touch. FF Max works well as a headline face for magazines and newspapers, but sets text with surprising ability too.

Erik Faulhaber
Linotype 2006
Nina Lee Storm
Linotype 2004
Hans Reichel
FontFont 1999
Gábor Kóthay
Job Muveszeti Studio 2003
Dmitry Kirsanov
Hans Reichel
FontFont 2005

Hans Reichel
FontFont 1995
Evert Bloemsma
FontFont 2001
Morten Rostgaard Olsen
FontFont 2003