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Stencil: Sans Serif

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Stephen Coles
Last edited February 13, 2015
Smile while you still have teeth

While a senior in college, Christian Schwartz worked for a clothing company, designing t-shirts and labels. The aesthetic of one of the lines mixed industrial and military looks, which called for a lot of stencil type. He picked up some stencils at a hardware store and digitized the characters, since other companies regularly ripped off prints they designed with readily available fonts. In this... Read More

Canned beverage make you refresh

The renowned American illustrator and graphic designer Milton Glaser designed Glaser Stencil in 1970. Glaser Stencil is a perfect summation of both Modernist proportion and New York-style solidity and self-assurance. An all capitals font, the shapes of the letters are reminiscent of popular sans serif faces of the time, such as Futura and ITC Avant Garde Gothic. Like everything New... Read More

Eduardo Manso
Emtype Foundry 2009

John Roshell
Christian Schwartz
FontFont 2005
Milton Glaser
Linotype 1970