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Typefacts | The Best Fonts of 2014

Christoph Koeberlin’s popular annual list of the best typefaces.

Christoph Koeberlin
Last edited January 27, 2015

“The list has grown long. Too long? I don’t hope so!” so says Christoph Koeberlin. Although the presentation changed, his approach stayed the same: He put everything remarkable in one big list, without a special order. To see the complete list please visit .

Stick to coffee and alcohol

Heimat is a typographic system containing the typeface families Heimat Didone, Heimat Sans, Heimat Mono and Heimat Stencil. The Collection was designed for contemporary typography, especially for use in headlines and on posters, but also for reading purposes. It combines an idiosyncratic appearance with the feeling of a grid-based letter construction of the late 20s. Since Heimat’s design... Read More

Hot and spicy duck heart

Inspired by a workshop with iconic American sign painter Mike Meyer, Ulrike of LiebeFonts set out to create a versatile, lovely typeface for sign painting that looks not at all like a font but rather like the letters on a unique, hand-painted storefront sign. LiebeDoris combines the best of two worlds: the beauty of all-American sign painting and the meticulous craft of German... Read More

Green ecology limitless magnificence

Antithesis illustrates the concept of tension between three unequal poles. Each of the three members of the display family relate to each other in a very high visual contrast. The Regular is a rather blocky Serif, the Italic a connected Script and the Bold a heavy Sans. Each is designed to accompany any of the two others to produce compositions with high visual tension. In creating an... Read More

Laundry obtained rapidly one hour

Under the guidance of Albert-Jan Pool and Professor André Heers, Jakob Runge started designing the typeface that would ultimately become FF Franziska as part of his studies at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel. The robust text face performs well in body text, while its more extreme weights do the work of setting headlines. Details such as its short descenders accommodate tighter... Read More

Dieter Hofrichter
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Ermin Mededovic
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Dieter Hofrichter
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