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Upright Script

Noah Nazir
Last edited August 31, 2018

Script typefaces with a vertical or near vertical stature as opposed to the more common angle or slant. Upright scripts were common in the 1940s–’60s in logos, signage, and chrome lettering. At the bottom of this list is another, more formal, style of script from the beginning of the 1900s.

No kicking of balls please

The Handel Gothic™ typeface has been a mainstay of graphic communication for over 40 years - all the while looking as current as tomorrow. Designed by Don Handel in the mid-1960s, and used in the 1973 United Airlines logo developed by Saul Bass, Handel Gothic was an instant success when released to the graphic design community. Its generous lowercase x-height, full-bodied counters and square... Read More

Line up to block in the seafood

FF Jackie is a semi-script/semi-sans series of typefaces. Its basic variants – in regular and bold weights – are inspired from the lettering on Jack Daniel’s whiskey labels. The typeface’s designer, Dario Muhafara, wanted to create a face with a contemporary look, somewhere between a retro sans and a serious script. His idea was to create a face that is suitable for text in large sizes – above... Read More

EF Roman Script Bob McGrath Elsner+Flake 1979, 2008
Miscellaneous bacteria pot monsters

ITC Kulukundis is the work of designer Daniel Pelavin, a square, connecting script which looks as though it could have been cast in shiny chrome for the side of a 1950s American roadster. Pelavin based his design very loosely on a vertical French script but the overall look is all his own. Unlike calligraphic scripts, the lower case letters all connect in exactly the same way and the straight... Read More

Fat people are harder to kidnap

Winner: Type Design Certificate of Excellence – TDC² 2010 Competition Winner: Typeface Design – Communication Arts Typography Annual 1 Although Deliscript Upright and Deliscript Slant were initially inspired by the neon sign in front of Canter’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles, the design of these fonts soon took on a life of its own–and their own distinctive look. Like its sibling Metroscript,... Read More

Whatever you are, be a good one

Based on script handwriting and engraving used in formal announcements and invitations, Mahogany Script lends itself to typesetting in which an elegant mood is desired. The Mahogany Script font is an elegant design with a warm and informal feeling.

That square is top of cool shape

Michael Gills, formerly a resident designer at Letraset, created the Fling typeface in 1995. Fling's letterforms are based on the Ronde--or round--script style from France. The design includes intricate and generous capital letters, which are contrasted with a more reserved lowercase letters. This allows for a sophisticated and elegant appearance in text.Fling's letterforms are highly legible... Read More

Life’s a bitch, and I’m a dog

French Script font is based on script handwriting and engraving used in formal announcements and invitations in general, and specifically on a 1905 ATF face named "Typo Upright," by Morris Fuller Benton. French Script lends itself to typesetting in which an elegant mood is desired. French Script is an upright script font with an engraved appearance and decorative capitals.

I doubt, therefore I could be

Linoscript was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1905 and released by American Type Founders as Typo Upright; when it was integrated into the Linotype technology in 1926, it was renamed Linoscript. Modeled on the then-popular style of upright French scripts, Linoscript has flourished capitals and connected lowercase letters with extravagant loops on the ascenders. It is ideal for greeting... Read More

Keep table cleaned after dying

Based on script handwriting and engraving used in formal announcements and invitations, Riviera Script lends itself to typesetting in which an elegant mood is desired. The Riviera Script font is an upright script with an engraved appearance and decorative capitals.

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German Cartographic Design
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