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Women’s week

Celebrating highly crafted typefaces created by great women designers.

Veronika Burian
Last edited March 08, 2015
FF Ernestine

Let’s destroy the common notion that women type designers usually make ‘curly scripty kind of fonts’ for wedding invitations and the like. Join me in celebrating some of my brilliant fellow women designers who create wonderful and interesting typefaces for text.

No kicking of balls please

Odile is a charmingly odd typeface that works well in text.

Contradiction keeps sanity in place

Ernestine is humorous and serious at the same time, a great combo.

The premise for FF Ernestine came from the search for a versatile monolinear text face whose design could transmit seemingly opposite... Read More

Sibylle Hagmann
Kontour Type 2010
Hrant Papazian and Nina Stössinger
FontFont 2011