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Foundry Focus | Monokrom

July 31, 2017 by Fontshop Team

Based in Norway, Monokrom is a small independent foundry renowned for their high quality and timeless designs. We’re delighted to welcome Nina Stössinger’s Nordvest to FontShop and to showcase the latest updates to Vinter and Telefon, with the biggest news at the bottom.

Released last year, Nina Stössinger’s TDC award-winning Nordvest is a highly adaptable design. With emphasis placed on the horizontal direction of the line, it eschews the traditional order of thicks and thins. At its heart Nordvest is a rule-breaker, yet it’s one that toes the line when you need it to. It includes four weights and eight styles. The lighter styles bear the hallmarks of a workhorse text face and as you move into the heavier styles the charm and character appears.

Five years following its release, Monokrom’s Telefon has been fully updated and now has three new weights, each with a new set of complementary italics. The geometric monolinear sans is a perfect fit for editorial and commercial design projects.

Completely remastered and updated, Vinter(another TDC award winner) has been expanded to ten styles. The round shapes of Vinter are given room to breathe and the care and attention given to craft the italics means that the design centres on the ‘o’.

Drumroll please, if that wasn’t enough, all Monokrom fonts are now available as webfonts. Breathe a bit of Nordic novelty into your web presence with the likes of Mønster, Monkrom's East meets West mash-up or give the sculpted letterforms of the workhorse book face Satyr and its companion Faunus a try.