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Introducing SST

June 19, 2017 by Fontshop Team

Work on the SST® typeface began with a brief drawn jointly by Sony and Monotype’s design teams, a sans with both humanist and grotesk elements made to function reliably on screen, on the surfaces of physical products and on paper, in multiple language systems.

The idea is that a typeface for branding across a wide range of products and markets needs subtlety. Akira Kobayashi’s team delivers a versatile solution, neither too cool nor overwarm. The family covers Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic-based languages in six weights, Ultra Light to Heavy, each with a companion italic; and also includes three condensed styles and a complementary monospace in two weights. Its Vietnamese, Arabic and Thai packages span four weights from Light to Bold, and its Japanese package covers six styles.

Until July 19, 2017, select packages are available at half off.

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