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Letternews: Fonts For Editorial Design

June 16, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

Good editorial design makes communication easy. Only the best stories, with compelling illustration and photography, and outstanding typographic schemes can power the editorial staff through to their next publications.


Dino dos Santos for DSType

Acta works brilliantly in display, headline and text styles—with individual optical sizes for each specialty. The family’s broad range of weights provides options for variation in tone across a publication’s sections and in response to changes in season or circumstance.

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Neue Swift

Gerard Unger for Linotype

Gerard Unger’s Swift® typeface aims to strike a balance between design and functionality rather than to invoke a certain feeling. Its high, tapered joints and large counterforms hold up to news press standards and reinforce its linear nature.

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Jordi Embodas for Tipografies

Pona beautifully sets text, adding depth and lyrical movement, all with an economical fit. Its display weights achieve a sympathetic voice with finer hairlines and adjustments in axis and gesture. Both sets come in a range of weights for matching the right detail and density to the medium.

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Pratt Nova

Nick Shinn for Shinntype

Pratt Nova tries something new with its weight progression: moving in two directions at once. In the Text and display-focused Fine variants, the stroke contrast increases with weight, while at in between sizes, the light contrasted serif progresses toward a punchy slab headline.

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Fonts for Editorial

Take an in-depth look: learn about the specific roles of fonts in editorial design, and discover which type families are best for headline display, body copy and everything in-between. Plus our best advice to editorial designers.

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Still weighing your options? Continue on to Ivo Gabrowitsch’s fontlist full of families made for editorial flexibility: Fonts for Editorial Design.

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