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Letternews: Monospaced Fonts

July 13, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

“A typeface is an alphabet in a straitjacket,” proposes Alan Fletcher. It follows then, that fixed-width typefaces prompt a particularly unbalanced response to their constraints, what with each letter and figure trying to fill slots of equal size.

Rational TW

René Bieder for René Bieder

TW is for typewriter; René Bieder’s monospaced variant of his popular grotesk: Rational. Stylistic sets offer a range of alternative glyph shapes. The family comes in two optical sizes, Text and Display, nine weights each. Download four demo styles and try now for free.

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Sauna Mono

Sami Kortemäki, Akiem Helmling and Bas Jacobs for Underware

Sauna Mono keeps things light with a casual semi-serif structure and stylized brush strokes throughout. In the italic, where narrow characters are generally swallowed by the surrounding space, the designers chose to defy convention with flowing swash characters.

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T-Star Mono Round

Michael Mischler for Gestalten

As monospaced fonts go, here’s one with a lot going for it. The round terminals give T-Star a subtle playfulness, reducing glyph shapes to simple constructions of individual strokes. This font’s got an industrial feel and a loose fit exemplary of contemporary Swiss design. Three weights available.

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Base Monospace

Zuzana Licko for Emigre

In 1995, Zuzana Licko drew a set of screen fonts (pixel fonts) at nine and twelve point, as well as their companion “outline” fonts (with vector contours): Base 9 & 12. These latter faces got their good looks by closely following the proportions of the bitmaps. Base Monospace followed, surprisingly enough as a poster face. Wide and Narrow, three weights each.

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Heimat Mono

Christoph Dunst for Atlas Font Foundry

Christoph Dunst’s Heimat series explores a few of the more idiosyncratic lettering styles of the 1920s, concluding with this startler. In case Heimat Mono’s forms are too strong for your taste, a less disruptive option is at the ready behind its OpenType stylistic set 01.

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Every Monospaced Fontlist

It’s not only typewriter faces anymore, but a complete subgenre. If you’d like to see all of our monospaced fonts, we’ve got a few places to look. Sans is broken into Grotesk, Gothic, and Humanist while serifs divide simply at Serif and Slab Serif. There’s also an Other fontlist.

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