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Felbridge™ Font Field Guide | Myfonts

Felbridge™ Font Field Guide

FOUNDRY: Monotype, DESIGNERS: Robin Nicholas & CLASSIFICATION: Sans Serif and Square Sans

Best Practices

The Felbridge typeface is a straightforward sans serif design with strong, clear letterforms that do not degrade in low resolution or on-screen environments. An added benefit is that these characteristics also make for a design that performs extremely well in traditional print applications.


Six weights of roman from thin to black. All have complementary italic designs.

Font Facts

  • Italics were drawn in the tradition of being visually lighter than their related roman fonts.
  • Robin Nicholas enjoys working in this garden which, for many years, was in the village of Felbridge.


The motivation behind the Felbridge family was to develop an ideal typeface for use in modest resolution on-screen imaging. To achieve this goal, Monotype Design Fellow, Robin Nicholas adjusted the interior strokes of complex characters like the M and W to prevent on-screen pixel build-up and improve legibility. Characters with round strokes were drawn with squared proportions to take full advantage of screen real estate. In addition, small serifs were added to characters like the I, j and l to improve both legibility and readability.

OpenType® Pro fonts of Felbridge contain three stylistic sets that provide alternatives for “serifed legibility characters” like the ‘I,’ ‘j’ and ‘i,’ in addition to a bowl-and-loop ‘g’ that can replace the single bowl design.


Highly legible at large sizes and in blocks of textual print copy. Ideal for long form copy on small screens.

How To Spot Felbridge

Download a pdf version of the Felbridge Font Field Guide and view Felbridge.

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