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TT Rationalist Font Field Guide | Myfonts

TT Rationalist Font Field Guide


DESIGNERS: Marina Khodak, Radik Tukhvatullin & Yulia Gonina


Best Practices

The font looks beautiful in printed products: books, brochures, and posters. The design is well-suited for setting in large sizes as well as in text arrays.


The TT Rationalist font family consists of 22 faces: 10 upright, 10 true italics and two variable fonts. It supports over 200 languages and contains 27 OpenType features.

Font Facts

  • The refined nature of the font is emphasized by true italics and the set of alternative calligraphic characters.
  • The refined trapezoid serifs make the design look contemporary.
  • The carefully balanced font contrast helps avoid retro references.


This is the first font by TypeType that was created to match the studio’s existing fonts TT Norms® Pro and TT Commons Pro. TT Rationalist borrowed its geometric character from sans serifs, but in the process of development it has also received new humanist features.


TT Rationalist is easily legible and does not attract extra attention in text, and in large size, it shows its character: the design details – trapeze shaped serifs and delicate compensators – become visible.

How To Spot TT Rationalist

Download a pdf version of the TT Rationalist Font Field Guide and view TT Rationalist.

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