On-brand web fonts, built for your digital ad creation

Looking to create dynamic and responsive HTML5 digital ads? Start building your campaigns with some of the most iconic fonts in the world.

Digital Ads

Use the font in dynamic and responsive digital ads.

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The impact of web fonts for digital ads

  1. Responsiveness

    Display your digital ads perfectly on any device, platform, or screen size without compromising your creative

    Illustration of various different device screen sizes
  2. Brand Identity

    Maintain your brand identity wherever the ad appears

    Infographic showing the benefits of webfonts
  3. Workflow

    Live text helps save time when copy changes are needed

    Example of dynamic text

Take control of your digital ad creative

Enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and consistency that our digital ads license brings to your brand experience

  • Infographic showing number of impressions used up in a campaign

    Campaign based pricing – pay for only the number of impressions you need

    You license a certain number of impressions per year.

  • Infographic showing various authoring platforms

    Ability to use your fonts across authoring platforms

    Utilize a variety of HTML5 authoring tools to optimize your ads.

  • Infographic showing how optimization can help reduce file-size

    Full web font functionality

    Get all the advantages of web fonts, including the ability to use OpenType features to meet stringent ad guidelines.

Whether you’re launching a small campaign or a massive one, our digital ad license delivers premium web fonts at a pricing model catered specifically to digital ads.

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