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Casual Brush Sans

Sans serifs inspired by the brush lettering common in advertising and signage of the 1940s and ’50s. See also: Casual Brush Scripts

Stephen Coles
Last edited May 06, 2014

Sans serifs inspired by the brush lettering common in advertising and signage of the 1940s and ’50s.

See also: Casual Brush Scripts

Advocate using civilization language

Challenge is the work of English designer Martin Wait. The brush lettering gives the typeface a unique, spontaneous quality. Capitals should be set closely and lowercase letters overlapped to produce the look of authentic handwriting. Challenge is at the same time informal and authoritative and good for a variety of display applications.

It is warm and fragrant to hint

FF Sale is Tony Booth’s sign-written script typeface in three weights: Bold, Medium, and Light. It also includes a set of dingbats made to be used alongside the script. Although he first thought that FF Sale would be used mainly by design studios in press advertising, exhibition and display work, the designer discovered after its release that it had a much wider potential market. FF Sale is... Read More

SG Balloon SB Max R. Kaufmann Elsner+Flake 1939
Blaze up the custom made of going

PL Benguiat Frisky is a script face designed by Ed Benguiat in 1960. It has an irregular x-height adding to its informal appeal. The PL Benguiat Frisky font is useful for books and posters and invitations for fun or informal events and also works well for packaging.

Line up to block in the seafood

Arab Brushstroke is a graceful, upright German calligraphic script. At first glance, Arab Brushstroke does not seem to have much in common with Arabic calligraphy. Yet the gracefulness of its letterforms remind the viewer that calligraphy is a global passion, one that can be seen in the Arab world as well. Perhaps that feeling was the inspiration behind this typeface's name? In any case, Arab... Read More

Who loves me, loves my dog too

ITC Musclehead is the work of type designer Timothy Donaldson, a robust, densely packed handwriting typeface. It almost looks like brushwork but was in fact made with a ruling pen which Donaldson had bought from a company in Salem, Massachusetts. He says, "The world's gone ruling-pen mad at the moment [late 1990s] and I was beginning to tire of all the skinny splashiness of the letters that... Read More

Please no bomb into the ash here

Hand Drawn is a faithful adaptation of the original typeface of hte Letraset range by Michael Gills. A set of numerals was added to complete the font. Hand Drawn has all the charisma of the 1950s brush style and should be set closely for the best impact.

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John Roshell and Richard Starkings
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