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Carola Moujan
Last edited November 12, 2015
Canned beverage make you refresh

As a type designer who focuses much of his time on editorial concerns, Łukasz Dziedzic has come to appreciate the value of building and using type systems in his work. So when a friend approached with a small lettering job, a logo for his grocery store, Dziedzic began by imagining how the letters would shift from light to dark on a weight axis, and rather than provide a static sample, he drew a... Read More

This freezer is out of control

Dieter Hofrichter continues to push the traditional Roman letter in angularity and versatility with this, the latest in a long line of workhorse text families. In seven weights, complete with italics, Mangan progresses in contrast from a quite linear Extra Light to a notably modulated Heavy.

A nuclear war can ruin your whole day

Under the guidance of Albert-Jan Pool and Professor André Heers, Jakob Runge started designing the typeface that would ultimately become FF Franziska as part of his studies at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel. The robust text face performs well in body text, while its more extreme weights do the work of setting headlines. Details such as its short descenders accommodate tighter... Read More

Law prohibits underwater smoking

Though created from the sans, FF Kievit Slab is not FF Kievit with slabs tacked on. The family is the fruit of a four year collaboration between friends – Mike Abbink and Paul van der Laan – to make the perfect companion to the FF Kievit family. Each glyph was painstakingly adjusted and to achieve the proper density, contrast, and balance across the typeface, and additionally when used in... Read More

If you're going through hell, keep walking

FF Karbid is a contemporary interpretation of storefront lettering done between 1900 and the late 1930s and preserved due to the German Democratic Republic’s economy of scarcity. In the beginning of the 1990s, FF Karbid’s designer Verena Gerlach began documenting storefront lettering in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte districts. Sadly, these have since almost entirely disappeared, due to... Read More

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